Residential customers

“myFiFi, a revolution on the Internet market!”

myFifi is offering Internet access to residential customers

How to get connected?

Nothing could be easier. You have to have a computer equipped with Wi-Fi and check whether you are in an area marked “”. You are? Then, all you have to do is ask your computer to log on to that network and open your Web browser. This will display the instructions telling you how to sign up. Once the registration forms have been completed, you’re logged on to the Internet at high speed, in a few seconds and with no obligation!

As a myFiFi customer, you have access to high-speed Internet wherever the myFiFi signal can be received : at home, at work, outside, etc.

The myFiFi network is growing fast right now.
If you take part in its development, you become a Pioneer and can access the Internet free.
No subscription or telephone charges.
you pay only for a fixed-price right of access for unlimited use regardless of where you’re logging on from.